Как в покере поменять язык на русский

Тогда проще удалить и заново установить клиентский софт. Откроется меню с параметрами для регулировки. В открывшемся меню посетитель может установить язык для площадки, выбрав с левой стороны под надписью «Язык интерфейса» русский, настроить приходящие письма под надписью «Язык электронных писем». Обратите внимание: От сделанного выбора функционал площадки не изменяется, по-прежнему можно присоединиться к столу для начала игры, установить подходящую валюту для личного счета, выводить денежные средства и пополнять профиль.

Это усложнит игру, приведет посетителя в замешательство и заставит пропускать этапы торговли. Приходится переводить слова, тратить время и упускать деньги, проигрывая как в покерами поменять язык на русский. Сделать это можно в лобби. Знаний подобная практика не принесет, только отнимет время и уменьшит денежные средства на счету.

Его необходимо открыть, кликнув мышкой по кнопке «Общие». Гость может выбрать родной диалект, облегчая игру или установить изучаемый язык, например, английский, немецкий, французский, итальянский.

Помощь — Poker — Как изменить язык?

Но случается, что софт все равно оказывается на английском. Рассмотрим на примере популярных проектов: — PokerStars Покер-рум доступен на 25 языках.

Зайдите под своим логином и паролем. Язык Во время установки приложения система предлагает настроить некоторые параметры, в том числе и как в покер поменять язык на русский. Нюансы зависят от особенностей программы, но внести изменения несложно.

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  1. Ха прикол Потап на 8:31 что он там делает

    1. Yes, a cooler and a bad beat are two completely different things. Losing w quads allin before river to a rivered straight flush is a bad beat, losing w quads vs a rivered straight flush allin on river is a cooler.

  2. Im looking foward for some support!! Ive been having problems with payouts been displayed wrong on the cellphones !! More than 2 weeks and no answer.. And due to blowout tkts i also lost 5.5 usd and had no support.. Plus the site freezed on jan 1 and lost my chips . the live support said it was my fault! I wonder why hsve support with the players dont hsve a feedback.

  3. 7:56 only an englishman has such jokes up his sleeve, and Gandalf of course. Speak friend and enter! 🧙‍♂️

  4. Lol….
    Let watch Daniel put his opponent on better hand than him and then call them….. classic Daniel

  5. ANU so truong noi chuyen vui ve choi bai
    Khi doi luat choi khong duoc noi
    Se bi uc che , kho chiu
    Bai nho thi khuon mat kho chiu nhieu
    Vi vay lo bai va khong thang duoc tran nao .

  6. Hello my babies…stop dewd. Just stop saying that, its fucking weird and dumb.

  7. Joe Stapleton looks like Pokerstars current day — Lost, dirty and unkept

  8. 8:09 When are we going to have a deck of cards featuring the King of Weed? Ill be the first in line to buy that deck. 😃

  9. Buddigas lead otr is strange. He never has a boat and the best hands he has are 6x of diamonds or, as Daniel mentioned, A4dd. If button jams over his bet it’s a shit spot. I guess BTN doesn’t have many boats since he would raise sets on the flop

    1. when you think youve got the best combination but your opponent has better one. The thing is you cant get away from this so easily and you loose hands.

  10. this could be the end of the Lord of the Rings references
    * proceeds to immediately make two more LotR references *

  11. The different circle pragmatically prevent because clef unexplainably prefer at a decisive credit. incredible, reminiscent blue

  12. Тоже мне сик. Такая хуйня сплошь и рядом каждый происходит.

    1. У меня на NL0.25 каждую раздачу так

  13. Joe Stapleton looks like shit. Is that how you show up to a professional job? Jesus, Ive seen homeless men look better

  14. Jesus Negranu is so damn good in readimg, he got that ace flush, even reconcidering to fold there was amazing…

  15. Negreanu: pegs Buddigas hand almost exactly
    Also Negreanu: *CALLS ANYWAY*

  16. DO YOU ACCEPT BITCOIN AS A PAYMENT METHOD? TIA.⛱️🏝️🏝️🏞️🏜️🏜️🏜️🌅🌅🎇🎇🌄🌄🗻🗻🎉🎉.

  17. Straight, flush and boat on the board, EASY lay down. TRIPS, not even a set, This video is STUPID AS FUCK.

    1. @Robin Cassar hes not that funny, most of his jokes are a stretch and super corny at best….hed be a much better poker commentator without the cheessy humor…..imo

  18. negreanu got a sick talent for knowing damn near exactly what people have. love watching him.

  19. The is the first time Ive seen the announcers faces, and they look exactly like what I thought they would

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    1. You can tell hes a lot better player then his friends on the rail lol they were all in shock with the fact he folded 8-7 off

    2. Its a good lay down, but not that spectacular. A weak trips there is essentially a bluff catcher. His opponent is never betting a weaker value hand.

    3. it is a very disciplined laydown, especially knowing Mizrachis poker tournament rep … but there are too many realistic hands hes losing to.

      a better 8-kicker (about half the deck).
      pocket 10s.
      pocket Js.
      9/7 …. unlikely, but possible. as is Q/9. especially suited.
      ♠s got there on the river too.
      and they did both check the flop … meaning the last two were realistically in-play.

      I dont know if I could have folded it … but I probably would have bet the flop and been all-in on the river myself.

    4. 89 above beats him lol… its not that tough to let go of the 24th nuts.

  21. Ive studied the results from many hands and after years have come to the conclusion that calling raises with KQ, KJ, K10, QJ, Q10, and J10 lead to more trouble than good. Negreanu called preflop raise with KdQd, BETS the flop, check calls the turn, which was a 30% pot sized bet, then gets caught with a hand he cant get away from- second nut flush, but still, he chases a flush ON A PAIRED board! PWOPM- Playing with other peoples money…

  22. Why does Joe Stapleton always look like hes on a break from his day job of dumpster diving?

  23. Ks against Qs is NOT A COOLER if the Qs DONT hold UP—NOT related to the TITLE!

  24. QQ vs KK pre is top 5 sickest coolers from the PCA? Im thinking not much footage must have been recorded then……

  25. i dont get daniel, hes looking for flush but hesitate to call when he get it?

  26. 0:17 Come on, guys! You need new writers.

    You should have said… Truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes a lot COOLER!

  27. пожалуйста, бросьте пару центов, мой ник на PokerStar (samsung9422) заранее спасибо

  28. At 6:58 When Morales hits the straight on Turn, his eyes get so big behind his glasses his hat raises LOL

  29. Are you Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese or German speaking? Or are you from the UK? Watch this video in your own language:
    🇬🇧 —
    🇦🇷 —
    🇫🇷 —
    🇩🇪 —
    🇷🇺 —
    🇧🇷 —

    1. Lmao thats not the spanish flag hahahaha thats the argentinian one. What a mistake

  30. So Liv shoves an UTG+1 4 bet with QQ.. with 17 players left ..okay.. i know shes the pro and im the zero but …

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  32. Кто эти нарезки делает? 5-ая раздача вообще чушь полнейшая
    з.ы. как я рад что JJ победили против T9 … вот как такие клоуны колируют с гатшотами? ладно бы твои карты были оверкартами на флопе

  33. I havent seen a deck this cold since EPT Hoth!
    LOL! 😂 Joe is a bit of a try-hard, but theres no denying his results. Dudes got more lines than Pablo Escobar.

  34. Đẳng cấp của cao thủ không phải là thắng những trận đấu lớn mà là biết khi nào nên dừng lại.

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