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  1. like come on , why arent we doing this? Am i the only one here who thought he was reffering to sex ? How disturbing

  2. So sad, I dont think I could that to my baby. Probably will start smiling again at the time the baby starts crying. 

  3. Well, youre wrong. Take a look at the most respected psychologists throughout time — Stern, Mahler, Erikson, Freud — and youll see that they all agree on the fact, that a (newborn) baby needs a lot of attention. It is later in life — when the child has become more independent and has learned that the world is a safe place (because of the connection with the mom in the early stages of life — the babys safe base) that you can start raising it like that.

  4. This is horrible advise. Please look up Attachment and peaceful parenting.

  5. But perhaps the baby is crying because the mother isnt playing rather than her still face…

  6. I wonder if a similar experiment was conducted with a father and child.

  7. While I agree that children should be exposed to small stressors regularly (body acclimatises and can deal more, whereas with big stress occasionally the body sensitizes and makes it a lot worse; same with drugs, exercise, almost any input into the brain), there isnt anything really supporting your thoughts on narcissism etc. Babies need a high amount of attention consistently to receive proper stimuli to actually develop the right parts of the brain at the right time.

  8. Its trying to show us how babies can read facial expressions. And how we act effects them.

  9. Theres nothing wrong with attachment parenting! Get slings so your baby can still be close to you and your wife while you go about your regular routine.

  10. What you can not see in this video is the biochemical disaster with dramatic repercussions, in the synaptic connections. It‘s a GEN Desaster, too, with a long term effect in cognition. Brain research show that child abuse and neglect damages not only in the way a developing child’s brain functions, but changes the actual structure of the brain itself, in such a way that makes clear thinking, controlling emotions and impulses and forming healthy social relationships more difficult.

  11. I cant remember my mother ever playing with me or being..happy. She usually only talked to me if she thought I did something wrong. I basically had the still-faced mother for a lot longer than one minute.

  12. Wow, now I actually understand why some people grow up disassociated and uncaring, a child ignored and unappreciated grows up and behaves the only way he knows

  13. I think this is very important for maternal depression — Women need to know the impact of being unresponsive, so they can choose to be responsive in those situations even if it is painful

  14. 1:48, The infant is claiming youre not praising me and Im doing good. Praise them. duh

  15. Ha ha I should do this to my dog while Im playing with him to see how he reacts.

  16. Omg I have to say that when the mother turned away and then turned back with a really cold face, i was kinda freaked out. And I actually started to tear up a bit when the baby got sooo distressed over time. It was really a great fascinating experiment, but so hard to watch!

    Im watching this for my Social Science class btw

  17. A very good example on how much a child needs love. If you have been brought up by a mother who is addicted to drugs or alcohol or has mental health problems The still face is what you see every day of your life.

  18. This is why narcissistic parents are so destructive to children. As Kohut said it, When her personality is missing, when he talked about the most disturbed patients and what these patients have grown up with! A mother/father without emotional face response…. is destroying a childs personality developement.

  19. I want to say, Life before a step mother and life after a step mother.  Triangulation was used constantly after my father remarried.

  20. Oh gosh 🙁 I dont have children and I am not usually very maternal but 1:07 killed me. I bet the mothers heart was breaking.

  21. Wrong. Baby is a year old. Causing stress around the people the baby is attachedto — mum and dad — essentailly programs the baby to experiance stress in their relationships for the rest of their life. It isnt a parents roll to create stress in a childs life. Its a parents roll to create stability and safety — they learn all about stress on their own. We even see in adults that those who are consistently exposed to stressful situations become more, not less, prone to stress.

  22. is it common knowledge? do they need to prove thire Theory? i have seen about this words by korean university admission exercise. it is shock to me that it was mental break to baby as these action. contently it is my subjective view but i just uncomfortable to watch because it is looks like that human being was used as instrument for scienific prove that detach human right

  23. The hardest thing is overcoming this, reminding yourself that you are awesome, even if you dont think so. You really are. Reprogramming yourself and acknowledging that things may have been different then you remember. Screw it if its not true, you deserve better. Fake it until you make it.

  24. Because theres no point in buying clothes that at 10x the price and the only difference is the logo on them. Theyre smart IMO

  25. Yes. This experiment has been replicated dozens of times, always with largely the same results. The age range varies as well, with children ranging from about 4 to 12 months all showing the same basic pattern of behavior in this experiment.

  26. I really hated it when she did the still face. Nothings quite so disturbing as an emotionless person.

  27. I remember when my baby was very young. When she would smile at people in the supermarket, some people would not respond to her. It was like a knife in my heart. Those new mother feelings are intense. (the baby didnt give a hoot, she just smiled at the next person)

  28. It is obvious that the babys sense of happiness is interrupted by the still face of the mother. You can see that it is this that the baby is crying about. Not that the mother is not playing with the baby.

  29. Hi there. You should look up the concept good-enough mother (or father). Its the concept that you should attend to your childs physical and emotional needs, but you should be careful about how much attention you do give them and how fast you attend to their crying/tantrums. You should take care of their needs, but at the same time also give them the opportunity to learn that not every time they cry, theyre going to get what they want. This is necessary to a healthy development. Good luck!

  30. My baby is 11 weeks old and I would feel awful if I done that to him. Its hard to watch.

  31. So someone you love sitting in front of you staring at you without expression is uncomfortable for the person? Who would have thought it??

  32. Yes there is and this whole paradigm has been significantly investigated. The babies you describe are often those categorised as avoidant attachment — they make up about 20% of middle class n.american population and they are more self reliant. They respond to this test by earlier withdrawal of eye contact with mother, less protest, and have a higher degree of emotional problems later in life than those considered securely attached. They have higher rates of conduct disorder and ADHD later on.

  33. It was a brief experiment, the kid was a little upset but was fine once Mom reengaged.
    But if she did that sort of thing on a regular basis, that could be a problem. For example, when parents have unresolved trauma that causes them to have flashbacks or dissociative episodes on a regular basis, this can put their child at risk for attachment problems because the still face experiment is happening every day.

  34. So even young babies feel the awkwardness of no reaction from people? Very interesting…:o

  35. 怎样是好妈妈,怎样会是坏妈妈?
    这一关于婴儿观察的视频 [Still face(不动的脸)],经典地反映了好妈妈与好孩子、坏妈妈与坏孩子的联系。

    Punnesi 思考:你在谁眼里好不好,就在于你愿不愿意看见他。
    中国文化和西方文化,人与人,公司与人,老板与员工,莫不如此 。。。。 看见、互动、接纳是教育的核心!

    P/s 做父母之前,要对这一句话印象颇深:父母的脸就是孩子的世界。。。

  36. This is what I am basing my assertion on that moms suffering from depression will have a hard time being present for their babys communications. 

  37. I think this is the root of my problems in my early childhood, it made me cry and I am 40.
    This is harming the child.
    I had innerchild therapy and these people were amazing, they restore this what the doctor said theyre stuck in that really ugly situation

  38. I wonder if a similar experiment was conducted with a father and child. Just to see how babies interact with their fathers and how they react to any unresponsiveness.

  39. As someone else pointed out, multiple variables changed. Not only did the moms facial expression stop, but so did her speech, hand interaction, movement, etc. The baby wasnt even looking at the mother half the time when she *was* interacting, so facial expressions cant be all of it.

  40. I couldnt stand doing this to my baby 🙁 But the experiment is interesting! 

  41. I could see the I really wanna hug this kid. Look in her eyes when she was unresponsive.

  42. I am asking myself — why they didnt try another way round: man vs little girl? 

  43. You may have an empathy problem, then. Also, that will train the child to do it more often — ANY reaction is better than being treated like they dont exist.

  44. Showering children with attention is natural — not the other way around. Narcissism is caused by substitution praise for affection — exactly the sort of thing helping them to develop self esteem while making them independent does. The reverse is true — unconditional love and considering them worth your time.. engaging with them… creates more balanced personalities. Children become independent and confident on their own. And this baby is ONE YEARS OLD.

  45. You know that psychoanalysis is out of date, right? Psychologists dont believe in id, ego and superego anymore.

  46. As interesting as this experiment is, I cant help but wonder if youd get the same reaction from a child who is used to no facial expressions and limited interaction from their parents.
    There really isnt a good way to test this properly.

  47. This just hurts sooo deep to watch, when you have children yourself.

    Once my then 1,5 years old boy was VERY naughty, and just thought it was fun, when I tried to stop him. Finaly I gave up, and just looked at him, pretty much like the mother on the video, perhaps whit a little more defeated attitude (I did not look at him in that way for so long! and I had no intentions, I was just giving up on the situation).
    He tried to tease me a cuple of times, and then he cried heart breaking…poor kid

  48. This would be hard for an adult too. The main difference being that an adult could ask the flat affecter whats wrong.

  49. I see the Kristen Stewart Training Camp is turning out promising results…

  50. This is a terrific video. I used to work as a Personal Support Worker, supporting youth and adults who have had a rough start to life. Generally speaking, if children experience chaos in the home at an early age, they often try to recreate chaos in their youth and adult lives because they are comfortable navigating trepid waters. I often heard the phrase People want to be good, but they can only act to the highest potential theyve reached, meaning that compassion is needed to understand just how much support is required for human beings who havent reached normal developmental milestones. Please love your kids! Dont look to them to understand how much youre sacrificing, they arent capable of knowing. Teach that when theyre adults. In the meantime, nurture and guide them while allowing them to make their own mistakes. It produces adaptive personality traits that are self-taught, rather than circumstances that cause character deterioration. I know Im a little off-topic in regards to this video, but Im trying to make the connection between healthy love at an early age, and mental health stability later in life. Keep up the great work, mothers, fathers and community members!

  51. so imagine the long term effects on neglected children and abused children… poor things.

  52. How old are they? Because if they are under 12 months (or even 18 months) that is NORMAL. There is no such thing as being way too attached for babies. Babies are supposed to be attached. Babies who werent on or near caregivers got eaten for most of human history. Their brains are still wired that way.

  53. I could never be able to behave like that in front of a baby, theyre so cute, I would be laughing and smiling!

  54. Damn, it hurt me seeing the kid struggling to get the mothers response. So cute though. Babies are smarter than people think! 🙂 Child Development is an amazing subject/course, take it if you can!

  55. My wife and I have a set of twins that we think are way too attached to either my wife or myself. Our problem is the moment we put them down on the bed or the floor, they start crying and want to be carried again. We dont want to turn away from them, I feel awful seeing them crying, but its getting really tiresome and I feel its developing a sort of maldaptive attachment to us. How could we properly discipline them in order to get rid of such behavior? They are not hungry or hurting at all..

  56. if a mother is emotionally neglected in her childhood what does this with the process of her own new born child 

  57. This is so interesting! This is very powerful and re-enforces importance of emotional development.

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